About This Guide

After moving back home senior year to save money, I realized I was making some dumb mistakes — buying overpriced campus food, eating fast food all the time, you name it.

I also realized that there weren’t many resources for commuter students all in one place, so I set out to make a comprehensive student commuter guide to help other commuter students enjoy the best of campus life while saving money at school.

Why This Blog?

What good is a resource if you can’t share it everywhere? I wanted commuters to be able to download my guide and use it anywhere, so I needed a place to put it. Hence the blog.

But The Student Saver blog isn’t just an online resource about money-saving tips. It’s also a way to let students know about fun events on and off campus, like the State Fair and Packapalooza.

So if you’re commuting to NC State from home or from an off-campus apartment, use the NC State Student Commuter Guide (and this blog) to help you save money while also enjoying campus life.

About the Author

I graduated from NC State in 2015 with an English degree and work in marketing. I’ve been fortunate enough to stay close to my school after graduation so I can visit campus and keep writing this commuter guide.


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