Who Says You Have To Figure Out This Commuting Thing By Yourself?

Whether this is your first time living off campus or you’ve been commuting for a couple of years, it never hurts to have insider information. Check out the latest NC State student commuter guide below for tips to save money and still make the most out of college.

Read the 2017-2018 NC State Student Commuter Guide

Check out the latest guide below or download the latest NC State commuter guide here.

What Else Commuter Students Should Know

Living off campus, either at home or in your own apartment, can be awesome. Sure you won’t be able to roll out of bed at 7:55 and still make it to your 8 AM English class, but you get your own space when you live in (much cheaper) off-campus housing.

Why It’s Smart to Live Off Campus

Despite what you might think, most NC State students don’t live on campus. Nearly 70% of undergrads commute to class! There are quite a few reasons why so many students commute to school:

  • It’s cheaper. Living in a dorm costs more than $650 per month, and that doesn’t include a meal plan.
  • It’s private. Unlike with dorms, you can live in your own room and often get your own bathroom.
  • It’s fun. You can choose who you want to room with and how you want to personalize your space.
  • It’s freeing. You can pick the type of place to live, from an apartment to a townhouse to a rental house.

Other Commuter Resources Worth Checking Out

people-2557396_640Like with anything, though, living off-campus isn’t perfect. Some of the biggest hurdles are actually getting to class, meeting new friends, and budgeting for rent and groceries while balancing fun things to do. So here are a few things to help you out:

  • Money-saving tips: Being a college student means living on a prayer and a few bucks a month. Use these tips to save money and take advantage of all the free stuff.
  • Why it’s smart to save moneyHere’s why tuition is so high and how much money commuting can save you.
  • About NC StateThink most State students live in dorms? Actually, almost 70% of undergrads live off campus and commute to class. Here’s what else you probably didn’t know about this awesome university.

Past Editions of the Student Commuter Guide

Want to see what resources were included in previous commuter guides? Eager to see which restaurants have come and gone? Here are all the previous editions.

And if you’re dying to know why The Student Saver commuter guide, resources, and blog even exist, read all about The Student Saver here.


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