Parking On Campus

Even though parking is often pricey, it’s a good option for students who are traveling to class from home or apartments way off campus.

But there are some places you can park for free. Here’s a map of parking areas on Main Campus at NC State, including commuter student spaces, employee spaces (for free parking after 5 PM), and resident spaces (for free parking on weekends).

Commuter Student Parking Permit Choices

Here is a brief overview of the parking permits on Main Campus and Centennial Campus that are available for students who live off campus, including class credit requirements and costs.

Centennial Campus Decks (CC): $342, purchase requirement of 60 credit hours; includes CVM parking, Method Road complex, and Varsity Research Building

Coliseum Deck (CD): $342, purchase requirement of 75 credit hours

Dan Allen Deck (DD): $342, purchase requirement of 100 credit hours

Motorcycle Parking (M): $68, no purchase requirement

Off-Peak/Evening Parking (L1 & L2): $62 per semester, no purchase requirement — this permit allows you to park on campus 7 AM – 9 AM or 3 PM – 5 PM in the Coliseum Deck, Dan Allen Deck, West Deck, Partners Way, Monteith Research Center, and the Centennial Biomedical Campus decks or West lot.

Perimeter Parking (P): $226, purchase requirement of 24 credit hours

Student Carpool Parking (SCP): $342 split between carpoolers, purchase requirement of “approval” status on your Wolftrails Commuter Application — this is part of NC State’s student commuter program

West Deck (W): $274, purchase requirement of 30 credit hours

Varsity Lot (V): $105, no purchase requirement