view of DH Hill Library, the Brickyard, and Harrelson Hall

The “Cool Urban Neighborhood” Guide to NC State University

NC State is huge. On just Main Campus alone, there’s the Brickyard, the Court of Carolinas, and North/East/West/Central campuses to navigate. It’s like a small city’s downtown. Figuring out a new campus (and the difference between Withers, Witherspoon, Winston, and Winslow Halls) is a colossal task, and if you’re completely new to NC State, that’s on top of memorizing a full course schedule.

If you’ve been biting your nails over finding your classes on your first day, it’s understandable. But there are a few ways you can get accustomed to your new surroundings quicker. Check out this campus map and building directory.

Just the Academic Buildings on Main Campus

Let’s break down the numbers real quick: NC State has 11 academic colleges, 65 departments, and 300+ undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Of course, several of these colleges (like the College of Engineering and the Vet School) are primarily located on NC State’s other campuses. But on Main Campus, each (mostly brick) academic building is home to a variety of departments within all of these colleges. Let’s break it down, shall we?

1911 Building (CHASS)

The 1911 Building, which is the brick building above the cool steps above the Court of Carolinas, is home to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (often abbreviated to CHASS, which is much easier to say). Specifically, the departments of Interdisciplinary StudiesSocial Work, and Sociology & Anthropology are housed here.

Location: North Campus

Fun Fact: The 1911 Building was originally a dorm, and it was named in honor of the Class of 1911, which abolished freshman hazing.

Biltmore Hall (CNR) College of Natural Resources (CNR) and its departments of Forest Biomaterials, Parks, Recreation, & Tourism Management, and Forestry & Environmental Resources

Bostian Hall (COS)

building at NC State University

This building with a brick second-floor walkway is Bostian Hall, located right along the Brickyard near the Atrium food court. It’s home to the department of Biological Sciences within the College of Sciences (COS).

Location: North Campus, on the Brickyard

Brooks Hall (Design)

Brooks Hall at NCSU

It’s only fitting that Brooks Hall — home to the College of Design and its departments of Architecture, Art & Design, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, and Landscape Architecture — look like Jefferson’s Monticello. The marble columns and stairs are a breath of fresh air after all of the brick on NC State’s campus. Brooks Hall is located on Pullen Road, right next to the only roundabout within campus.

Location: North Campus

Fun Fact: Brooks Hall was NC State’s first library. That sculpture on the right, “Fit to Be Tied,” is one of several outdoor art exhibits near the building. (And yes, it’s hollow. Check out this video from 2007 of someone climbing into it.)

Broughton Hall — College of Sciences; Division of Academic & Student Affairs (DASA) and its Navy ROTC program

Burlington Nuclear Engineering Lab (Engineering)

garden by NC State nuclear lab

Burlington Nuclear Engineering Lab is home to the Department of Nuclear Engineering within the College of Engineering. And yes, it has a working nuclear reactor. But it also has a beautiful garden behind it, where the iconic Strolling Professor statue is located.

Caldwell Hall (CHASS)

brick building on Hillsborough Street

Caldwell Hall is one of three connected buildings along Hillsborough Street near the Belltower. It houses the School of Public & International Affairs and its departments of Political Science and Public Administration, all within the College of Humanities & Social Sciences (CHASS).

Carmichael Gymnasium (DASA)

gymnasium at NCSU

Carmichael Gymnasium — Department of Health & Exercise Studies (DASA) 

Cox Hall — College of Sciences; DELTA Testing Center

Dabney Hall (COS) — Department of Chemistry (COS)

Daniels Hall — Office of International ServicesIntegrated Manufacturing Systems Engineering Institute, and the Fitts Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering

David Clark Labs (CALS) Department of Applied Ecology in the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences (CALS)

DS Weaver Labs (Engineering) Department of Biological & Agricultural Engineering

First Year College Commons (DASA) — Exploratory Studies (formerly First Year College)

Gardner Hall (CALS)Departments of Plant & Microbial Biology and Entomology

Grinnells Lab — Departments of Animal Science (CALS), Entomology (CALS), and Forestry & Environmental Resources (CNR)

Hodges Wood Products Lab (CNR) — Departments of Forestry & Environmental Resources and Forest Biomaterials

Jordan Hall & Jordan Hall Addition — College of Natural Resources; department of Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences (COS); Environmental Sciences Academic Program (DASA)

Kamphoefner Hall — College of Design

Kilgore Hall — Department of Horticulture Science (CALS); Center for Environmental Farming Systems

leazar hall at nc state as seen from kamphoefner hallLeazar Hall — College of Design; Computer Science Department in the College of Engineering

Mann Hall (Engineering) — Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering

Marye Anne Fox Science Labs (COS) — Departments of Chemistry and Physics

Nelson HallPoole College of Management and its departments of Management, Innovation, & Entrepreneurship, Economics, Business Management, and Accounting; department of Agricultural & Resource Economics (CALS)

Page Hall — College of Engineering

Park Shops — University Tutorial Center (DASA); DELTA classrooms; Department of Sociology & Anthropology (CHASS)

Patterson Hall — College of Agriculture & Life Sciences 

Poe Hall — College of Education and its departments of Teaching Education & Learning Sciences, Educational Leadership, Policy, and Human Development, and STEM Education; department of Psychology (CHASS)

Polk Hall (CALS) — Departments of Animal Science and Molecular & Structural Biochemistry (CALS)

Price Music Center — Music Department (DASA)

Pulp & Paper Labs (CNR) — Department of Forest Biomaterials (CNR)

Ricks Hall — Department of Agricultural & Extension Education (CALS); Recreation Resources Service (CNR); Bioinformatics Research Center

Riddick Hall (COS)— Department of Physics (COS)

sas hall at north carolina state universitySAS Hall (COS)— Departments of Mathematics and Statistics

Schaub Food Science Building (CALS)— Department of Food, Bioprocessing, & Nutrition Sciences (CALS)

Scott Hall (CALS) Department of Poultry Science

Talley Student Union Arts NC State‘s Dance ProgramCenter for Student Leadership, Ethics and Public Service (DASA) ; the Office for Institutional Equity & Diversity (OIED)’s GLBT CenterMulticultural Student Affairs, and the Women’s Center; Student Government; Union Activities Board

Thomas Hall  Program in Genetics (COS); department of Plant Pathology (CALS) and Biological Sciences (COS)

Thompson Theater — Arts NC State’s Crafts Center and University Theatre

Tomkins Hall (CHASS) — Department of English

Williams Hall (CALS) — Departments of Crop Science and Soil Science

Winston Hall (CHASS) — Department of Communication

Withers Hall (CHASS) — Departments of Foreign Language & Literatures, History, and Philosophy & Religious Studies

Good Luck with Classes

Hey, don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of where everything is. Waking up for your 8 AM English class, however, is an entirely different issue. Hope this map and directory can help you get around easily.

If you need a more in-depth guide to campus, like a list of off-campus restaurants and information about where to park, you can find all of that in the student commuter’s guide to NC State University.