"Congratulations! Welcome to NC State University"

You Made It — Welcome to the Best University in North Carolina

"Congratulations! Welcome to NC State University"

Welcome to the Wolfpack family! NC State University has so much to offer, and you’ll have a great time here. Now that you have officially been accepted (congratulations!), here’s an overview of what campus life is like and what you can expect as an NC State student.

Challenging Academic Programs

NC State is best known for its engineering program and its Veterinary School, but its other academic programs are also competitive and well-rounded. In fact, NC State ranks 23rd in the nation out of 477 public universities and, because of its academic rigor, is an anchoring institution in the Research Triangle area.

In total, there are 12 colleges within the university, including the College of Engineering, with plenty of majors and minors to choose from. Most new students attend classes on Main Campus, but there are two other campuses for more the more specialized classes: Centennial Campus and the Veterinary School campus.

Career Connections

When you start looking for a job, you can take full advantage of NC State’s prestige, alumni network, and campus career services to find your dream job.

You can get started with internships, Cooperative Education (co-ops), research opportunities, and job postings on ePack. The Career Development Center is a great resource for finding jobs and working on your resume.

Exciting Athletics

Football and men’s basketball are local favorites and offer plenty of exciting moments, but NC State’s other non-revenue sports are just as exciting. Wrestling, cross country, baseball, rifle, volleyball, golf, and gymnastics are just a few of the many athletic programs at NC State.

panoramic view of PNC Arena during an NC State vs. UNC basketball game

“Not Our Rivals”

If you’re new to the Raleigh area, the rivalries here are different. East Carolina University (ECU) in Greenville considers us their rival, we consider the University of North Carolina (UNC) in Chapel Hill our rival, and UNC considers Duke University in Durham their rival.

But no matter what sport, NC State students go all out for games against UNC. The popular Ram Roast is an all-night pep rally where NC State students guard the Free Expression Tunnel from getting painted Carolina blue by our rivals the week of a big NC State-UNC football or basketball game. (Of course UNC declares that we’re not their rivals, but we all know better.)

Plenty of Student Organizations

Part of what makes campus life so fun are the number of clubs and organizations you can join, meeting new friends with people who enjoy your same interests. And getting involved lets you do something other than study for all of those challenging courses.

Intramural sports let you compete with other teams in basketball, soccer, wallyball (yes, that’s a real thing), flag football, cricket, and other activities. Other sports clubs include Quidditch, Fencing, and Equestrian Dressage Club.

Marching band (The Power Sound of the South) and the pep band let you enjoy the excitement of Wolfpack sports while playing your favorite music. Other music ensembles include Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, and a capella groups like Grains of Time and Ladies in Red.

In total, NC State has over 600 clubs and organizations focused on hobbies, social change, religion, academics, and athletics. Popular clubs include Disney Movie Club, Fusion Dance Crew, and Nutrition Club.

NC State Campus Resources

Adjusting to a new school can be tough, especially since NC State is so big. But the university has plenty of resources on campus to help you adjust:

The Commuter Student’s Guide to NC State

Living off campus and commuting to class can come with its share of challenges, and it’s different from life on campus. But you can find all the resources you need, from a list of restaurants near State to money-saving tips, on the latest NC State student commuter guide. Good luck with classes!