apartment construction near NC State

These Off-Campus Apartments Are So New They Haven’t Been Built Yet

With both Raleigh and NC State growing like they have been over the past few years, it’s no surprise that new student apartments are popping up like daisies.

Hillsborough Street is where a lot of these new student apartments are being built, and that’s all thanks to the ongoing revitalization project that’s been happening since 2009.

If you think your complex has amenities, wait until you see some of these brand new places. Most are only a sketch on a map right now, but they might be finished by the time you’re looking for a new place in a couple of years. And, hey, you can brag to your friends that you were first to know about them.

Keep an Eye on These New (Mostly Student) Apartments

These are just the apartment buildings that are under construction right now — or will be, once the plans are approved. And yes, we dug deep into the City of Raleigh’s development records for the latest, juiciest details. You’re welcome. 😉

If you’re planning where to live next year, though, this list doesn’t feature lease-ready apartments; here’s a list of all move-in ready student apartments near NC State’s Main Campus.

Just Announced

Belltower view from Oberlin RoadThe View on Pullen Circle (On the Oberlin Roundabout)

Progress: Site plan needs minor revisions, but construction should start later this year
Location: 1912 Hillsborough (Hillsborough St. & Pullen Rd.)
Latest Development Details: 35 condos from 900 to 1,300 sq.ft., starting in the $300,000s; underground parking; rooftop terrace

Goodbye, Studio Apartments, Hello, Luxury Condominiums

A few years ago, there was talk about Studio 1912, a five-story apartment building consisting of 54 studios and 1-bedroom apartments. It would have taken the place of the parking lot for David’s Dumpling & Noodle Bar over off the big roundabout.

It’s been a couple of years now, but we now know what’s going to happen to this little spot at 1912 Hillsborough Street: Studio 1912’s developers are going to build luxury condos instead.

While not rentable apartments and definitely not aimed at students, The View on Pullen Circle might be the chance NC State alumni have been waiting for to live on Hillsborough Street. Hey, nothing beats a view of the Belltower from your window — especially when it’s lit red after a game.


plan-2092499_6403411/3413 Hillsborough Street (Beside the Arby’s) 

Progress: Zoning request incomplete
Location: 3411/3413 Hillsborough St. (Hillsborough St. & Turner St.)
Latest Development Details: Rezone request from 3-story mixed-use residential building to 5-story mixed-use residential building

Dibs on an Apartment Near the Arby’s!

If all zoning changes go according to plan, 5-story apartment buildings will be allowed on what is now the closed Smoker Friendly gas station on the corner of Hillsborough Street and Turner Street.

Sure, NC State would be a half-mile from these apartments, but Snoopy’s Hot Dogs and the Reedy Creek Trail to the art museum would be right across the street. And, of course, Arby’s would be right next door.

plan-2092499_640The Station at Raleigh (On the Trinity and TX Parking Lots)

Progress: Under review
Location: 4200 Trinity Road (near Carter-Finley Stadium)
Latest Development Details: 174 units (mostly 4-bedroom layouts) in several 3-story buildings, a pool, clubhouse, and tennis court

A Front-Row Seat to Wolfpack Football Games

The same developer who bought the tractor sign building (The Standard at Raleigh) has big plans for a couple of popular tailgating lots near Carter-Finley Stadium. While the complex won’t tower over the trees and the stadium, and therefore won’t replace the feeling of actually being at a football game, the apartments are close enough to Carter-Finley that residents can spend their Saturdays in style.

Not Quite Ready to Go

plan-2092499_640The Loft (Behind U Suites on Tryon Road)

Progress: Under review
Location: 3338/3410 Tryon Rd. (Tryon Rd. & Raymond Smith Pl.)
Latest Development Details: 3-story apartment complex with 42 units, all 2-4 bedrooms

Soon You Can Live Right Next to U Suites

Like a few of the apartments on this list, this one has flown under the radar. From a cursory glance at the preliminary design, it looks like The Loft will connect to University Suites with — surprise, surprise — a roundabout. It also looks like there will only be two buildings to the complex, and both will be located on Tryon Road.

plan-2092499_6402812 Hillsborough Street (What’s Now J & J Automotive)

Progress: Public hearing held open to June 20th
Location: 2812 Hillsborough (Bagwell Ave. & Hillsborough St.)
Latest Development Details: Residential mixed-use building with retail; 1- to 3-bedroom units

This One’s Near Subway and Marco’s Pizza

Have you seen the 105 Friendly apartment building. the one beside Zaxby’s? Well, that building’s developers have plans to build another apartment right across the street.

According to the Triangle Business Journal, the building at 2812 Hillsborough Street will be a maximum of 5 stories and include 28 units and ground-floor retail (no surprise there, considering its location).

sidewalk off Maiden LaneHillstone Cameron Village (Behind the Aloft Hotel)

Progress: Approved pending appeal as of August 28th, 2017
 305 Oberlin Road (off Maiden Lane)
Latest Development Details: Residential mixed-use building with office space

It’s Going to Be Massive

Get ready for a giant apartment complex behind the Aloft Hotel near the Belltower. It’s going to be “high-end,” at least according to Triangle Business Journal.

Whether it’s student apartments or not, there’s going to be even more places to live close to campus… and Tompkins Hall.

plan-2092499_6401530 Varsity Drive (Across from Centennial Campus)

Progress: Rezoning approved on March 21st
Location: 1530 Varsity (Varsity Dr. & Avent Ferry Rd.)
Latest Development Details: Residential mixed use; 5-story building; no more than 210 units; no more than 3 bedrooms per unit; required parking will be in a 5.5-level parking deck

Finally, New Apartments Not on Hillsborough Street

According to the rezoning case details, the development will cater primarily to professors, grad students, and Centennial Campus staff. It’s close to Mission Valley shopping center and Centennial Campus.

This isn’t the first time this 3-acre section of land has been sent to the City of Raleigh for rezoning. Before we bore you with the details, a 2014 case would have rezoned 1530 Varsity Drive for a 180-unit apartment building, but it didn’t get enough votes and was denied in April 2015, according to the Raleigh Public Record.

plan-2092499_640113 Chamberlain (Behind Golden Dragon)

Progress: Under review
Location: 113 Chamberlain (Chamberlain St. & Hillsborough St.)
Latest Development Details: 53 spaces off-street parking (underground parking garage); 3-story building; 42 total number of residential units

Once a Professor’s House, Soon to Be Student Housing

This property has some history. According to the Raleigh Public Record, the NC State engineering professor who owned the property in the 1920s, Howard Satterfield, built houses for his fellow professors to supplement his income. He quit his job as a professor and tackled home building full-time (after local builders complained about the competition, apparently). Decades later, the property is being turned into student apartments. It seems we’ve come full circle.

plan-2092499_640102 Logan (Near North Residence Hall)

Progress: Under review
Location: 102 Logan (Logan Ct. & Hope St.)
Latest Development Details: 81 spaces off-street parking (underground parking garage); 3-story building; 81 total number of residential unit

This Apartment Building is Flying Under the Radar

There hasn’t been a lot of buzz about this new development. Plans were submitted to the City of Raleigh in September, but that’s about all we know.

Raleigh building with tractor signThe Standard at Raleigh (Tractor Sign Building)

Progress: Under review
Location: 3101 Hillsborough (Hillsborough St. & Concord St.)
Latest Development Details: Mixed-use building with retail and apartments; 440 spaces off-street parking; 3-story building; 217 total number of residential units; swimming pool and deck planned for a courtyard

Cool Apartments, But What About the Sign?

This planned student apartment complex will house up to 650 residents in over 200 units. Its amenities will include ground-floor retail and a 440-space parking deck, plus a swimming pool and deck (moved to a courtyard from the roof per April 2017 Planning Commission meeting minutes). The building, which will be torn down to make way for the new community, is located on Hillsborough Street between NC State and Meredith College.

There’s no word yet on what will happen to the iconic tractor sign. But a rendering of the building shows the sign front and center. Go check it out!

Under Construction

plan-2092499_640Theory Raleigh (Formerly the Velvet Cloak Inn)

Progress: Leasing for Fall 2018
Location: 1505 Hillsborough (Park Ave. & Hillsborough St.)
Latest Development Details: Apartment building (no retail); 300 spaces off-street parking; 6-story building; 150 total number of residential units

RIP Velvet Cloak Inn

Taking the place of the Velvet Cloak Inn past the big roundabout on Hillsborough Street, this new building is going to have more luxury student apartments. Theory Raleigh, as the complex is known, is expected to be complete by August 2018, so good news if you want to live slightly off campus but still be able to walk or catch the bus to class.

plan-2092499_640Trailwood Apartments (Beside Campus Edge)

Progress: Under construction
Location: 1820 Trailwood (Trailwood Dr. & Thistledown Dr.)
Latest Development Details: 3-building apartment project; 196 spaces off-street parking; 3-story building; 50 total number of residential units

This Complex is Slightly Further from Campus

According to the Raleigh Public Record, the complex would only stand 3 stories tall and would have no more than 56 units. The student apartment community would be next to Campus Edge, across the street from the entrance to Centennial Campus.

plan-2092499_640109 Park Avenue Apartments (Behind the Old IHOP)

Progress: Leasing for Fall 2018
Location: 109 Park (Park Ave. & Hillsborough St.)
Latest Development Details: Apartment building (no retail); existing residential building will be demolished first; 67 spaces off-street parking; 4-story building; 83 total number of residential units

The Old IHOP Building Stays… For Now

The lot behind the A-frame IHOP on Hillsborough Street is currently being turned into a 4-story student apartment complex. It will be a mix of 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom apartments.

apartment building under constructionHillsborough Lofts (Formerly Two Guys and The Keg)

Progress: Construction site put up for auction September 22nd, 2017
Location: 2510 Hillsborough (Hillsborough St. & Horne St.)
Latest Development Details: Residential mixed-use building with retail

We Finally Know What Happened to These Apartments

Construction on Hillsborough Lofts started at the end of 2014, but it’s been two years since the crane and outer skeleton of the building went up. Now, we finally have closure: the Hillsborough Lofts site has been foreclosed and auctioned off. We don’t know yet who bought the property.

Just Finished

sign for 105 Friendly building105 Friendly Apartments (Beside the Zaxby’s)

Progress: Completed August 2016
Location: 105 Friendly (Friendly Ave. & Hillsborough St.)
Latest Development Details: Now open; visit 105 Friendly’s website if you want to sign a lease

This Apartment Building Has Penthouses!

After taking about two years between rezoning and completion, 105 Friendly is finally open! If you’re eager to dig into all the details about the building (and find out what used to be in this spot), you can find more information about 105 Friendly here.

rsz_2304-hillsborough-completed2304 Hillsborough Street (Formerly Hot Box Pizza)

Progress: Completed August 2017
Location: 2304 Hillsborough (Hillsborough St. & Logan Ct.)
Latest Development Details: Now open; visit 2304 Hillsborough’s website if you want to sign a lease

CHASS Majors, You’re Going to Love These Apartments

The Hillsborough, as this building is also called, stands in place of what once was Hot Box Pizza (and Sylvia’s Pizza before that).

Good news for CHASS majors: 2304 Hillsborough is right across the street from Tompkins Hall. And great news for foodies: on the ground floor is Smash Waffles, and just steps away are Insomnia Cookies and Bruegger’s Bagels.

Here’s more information about 2304 Hillsborough.

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