The Only List of Apartments You’ll Ever Need

It makes sense that North Carolina’s largest university has a ton of off-campus student apartments nearby. If you saw the map on this page, you already know there are plenty of places to live between 5 and 15 minutes from NC State’s Main Campus. But that covers just about all of the apartments — what about just the college student apartments?

Sure, you could drive around for hours and hours looking at apartments from the outside, then spend another few hours weeding though your list because they’re too expensive/have bad reviews/don’t have the amenities you want. Or you could just peruse through this list of off-campus student housing. Here’s just an overview of all the available student housing options close to NC State. (And if you want all the details on what’s up and coming, you can always check out these new developments.)

Student Apartments Ready for Move-In

All you have to do is click on the apartment name, and you’ll get a detailed profile of the complex in about 2 seconds. Just a head’s up, the rent costs change periodically. Please don’t take them as gospel. Have fun apartment hunting!

Want One of Those Luxury Apartments on Hillsborough Street?

Since Hillsborough Street’s renaissance, brand new (and actually luxurious) student apartments have been popping up like daisies. Most of them are just known by their address, which, naturally, can get confusing. Here’s a guide to the move-in ready apartments along Hillsborough Street.

Want a Place with All the Amenities?

If a pool, fitness center, tanning bed, computer lab, dog park, and inclusive rent and utilities are on your must-haves list, you’ll love these apartments. Actually, most of the student apartments near NC State offer a long list of amenities.

Want a Room with a View?

While these three apartment buildings have all of the amenities as the apartments above (with the added bonus of a great location near restaurants on Hillsborough Street), these have a fantastic view from the higher floors. If you would love to watch the sun rise over the distant Raleigh skyline every morning, you should definitely live in one of these apartments.

bedroom in highrise apartment
Valentine Commons

Want to Live in a Townhouse?

There’s something cute about townhouses. There’s no one above or below you to complain about the noise, and somehow having a two-story home feels like you’re more of an adult. Believe it or not, there are actually student townhome communities close to NC State.

student relaxing on her bed
University Suites

Get the Inside Scoop on Apartments Near NC State

Want to impress your friends with how much you know about NC State’s off-campus apartments? Email us and we’ll give you all the answers!