8 Quick Halloween Costumes You Can Make for Less Than $8

A little cash and creativity can go a long way. With Halloween just around the corner, who wants to bother with elaborate costumes that will take forever to make? Instead, these simple last-minute costume ideas are sure to win any costume contest (and not break the bank).

1. Eleven from Stranger Things Season One

pink dress
Thrift store dress
blonde wig
Cheap blonde wig

Of course we’re throwing in a Stranger Things costume idea because, well, season two will be out before Halloween. But we’re sticking with season one Eleven for this costume. All you need is a pink dress and a blonde wig to pull off this soon-to-be-classic look. (A box of Eggo Waffles won’t hurt, either.)

2. A Stereotypical American Tourist

Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses
Gaudy Hawaiian shirt
plastic lei flowers
Dollar Store leis

Ah, a Halloween classic. The tourist is the ultimate last-minute Halloween costume because it’s incredibly simple but completely recognizable. For best results (and a little ’90s touch), buy a disposable camera.

3. Harry Potter in Muggle Clothes

Harry Potter's round glasses
Old-fashioned glasses
Face paint or eyeliner

Harry Potter is another quintessential Halloween costume. Better yet, it’s versatile: just throw on the glasses and scar and people instantly know who you are (even if you’re not donning your Gryffindor scarf or wizard robes).

4. Charlie Brown’s Ghost Costume

bed sheets
Old white sheet
pair of scissors
Pair of scissors

While we’re on the subject of great movie characters, Charlie Brown has an unforgettable Halloween costume. If you haven’t seen It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown in a long time, it’s worth watching just for the trick-or-treating scene.

5. A Wolf in Ram’s Clothing

zipper teeth on a blue jacket
Carolina blue jacket (gross)
Red NC State t-shirt

Halloween is the perfect time to capitalize on the NC State-UNC rivalry. Just wear a Carolina blue jacket zipped partially over your favorite NC State t-shirt, and you have the ultimate crowd-pleaser. If you want to take your costume a step further, draw some wolf whiskers and a nose on your face.

6. Barb from Stranger Things Season One

woman in retro glasses
Retro ’80s glasses
high waisted jeans
High-waisted jeans

Turn your Halloween costume ideas upside down (see what we did there?) with this quick and simple Barb costume. All you really need are her iconic glasses and Mom jeans.

7. Old School Rockstar

man in leather jacket
Thrift store leather jacket
band t shirts
Retro band t-shirt

This costume is relatively simple to pull together. A quick trip to Target or Wal-Mart and you’ll find all kinds of nostalgic shirts and jackets to complete this awesome look.

8. The Ultimate Non-Costume

pile of old shirts
Old t-shirt
permanent marker
Permanent marker

Who says you even need a costume to win Halloween? The “Error 404: Costume Not Found” shirt is a great way to poke fun of any costume contest you attend, and not just at Halloween.

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