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Top 5 Exam Study Spaces at NC State University

You’ve planned out the perfect study schedule. As soon as you get back from Thanksgiving Break, you’re going to hit the books hard. You’ve stocked up on snacks, added 20-minute shows to your Netflix queue, and created a detailed exam study schedule with all your naps included. Then you’re going to spend all day at DH Hill Library!

Actually, that’s a terrible idea — going to DH Hill, that is. Studying at the library is a no-no during exams because that’s the same idea everyone else has.

Now like any quick-thinking college student (you do go to NC State, after all), you need to improvise. You need somewhere that’s quiet, has a great ratio of electric sockets to seats, and has convenient parking (or at least is a short walk from the Wolfline). So stop avoiding Organic Chemistry and use this cheat sheet for the best study spaces instead.

mural on Cup-A-Joe building

5. Coffee Shops on Hillsborough Street

Noise Level: 2 | Outlet Access: 2 | Snack Access: 4

Take your pick from Liquid State, Reverie (which, unfortunately, is likely closing at the end of November), Cup-A-Joe, and Global Village. You can get your caffeine fix and enjoy the cool vibe that most coffee shops have.

Access to outlets can be an issue, though. Liquid State, especially, has very few outlets, so you’ll have to scout out your ideal table early in the day. If you don’t need a computer to study, you have nothing to worry about.

nc state's poe hall

4. Poe Hall, 2nd floor

Noise Level: 1 | Outlet Access: 3 | Snack Access: 2

Poe Hall has a few places to study, two of which are on the second floor. These lounges have plenty of tables, a few couches, and a fair number of outlets. While the study lounges are crowded during classes, they should be somewhat vacant during exams.

You won’t have easy access to snacks in Poe, though. There are a few vending machines on the ground floor, but they’re just far enough away that you’ll have to pack all your stuff up every time you need a snack break. You definitely wouldn’t be able to watch your belongings from the snack machines.

college math homework

3. Witherspoon Student Center, 2nd floor

Noise Level: 1 | Outlet Access: 4 | Snack Access: 3

Like Poe Hall, Witherspoon has several lounges that are perfect for studying. Since the building only fills up during movie nights, you’re almost guaranteed peace and quiet. Snacks are more easily accessible in Witherspoon, too; there are a few vending machines on the first floor, and they’re visible from a ground-floor lounge.

empty college lecture hall

2. An Empty Classroom Anywhere

Noise Level: 1 | Outlet Access: 4 | Snack Access: 1

Many ingenious NC State students skip the library and study in empty lecture halls, which have plenty of outlets and much-needed peace and quiet. The only downside to using a classroom is trying to find one that will be vacant for a few hours. You may need to scout out several classrooms before you find one that’s perfect.

talley student center study spots

1. Talley Student Center, Literally Anywhere

Noise: 3 | Outlets: 5 | Snacks: 5

The “new” Talley Student Center was built for studying. There are multiple study lounges on its five floors, ranging from two-seat tables near One Earth to group study rooms. (And the chairs are phenomenal.) Plus, you can stay in Talley all day to study since the restaurants there take All Campus cards.

The noise level varies. You’re more likely to find spaces with ambient background noise than perfectly peaceful study lounges, but if you look in all the nooks and crannies, you’re sure to find a corner that’s quiet.

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