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The Presidential Debate Bingo Card You’ve Been Waiting For

The first presidential debate is in the bag. The second one’s coming up in a couple of weeks on Sunday, October 9th. And if you’ve been keeping up with all the buzz on Twitter (or, better yet, Snapchat), you know that the Trump vs. Clinton debates never disappoint.

As If You Need Another Reason to Watch the Debates…

It doesn’t matter who you support. This year’s presidential candidates (and the debates between them) are entertaining, to say the least. Whether you’re watching C-SPAN as a free hour-and-a-half comedy show or for the educational value, you have to admire how crazy the debates between Trump and Clinton can get.

Play Trump vs. Clinton Bingo

Sure, you could play a presidential debate drinking game like everybody else. Or you could download this custom bingo card and see how quickly you fill in five spaces (or, better yet, the entire card) during the next debate. The best part is you can play this by yourself while studying in DH Hill. Enjoy!

trump vs. clinton bingo

In All Seriousness, Though, Go Vote

If you’re counting down the days until the election, there are about 40 left. (Obviously there are even fewer if you’re considering early voting.) But regardless of the reasons you may think voting is a waste of time, if you want to celebrate/complain about the new president come inauguration in January, just go vote.

And Yes, There’s Early Voting at NC State

This year, there’s an early voting location at NC State available for just over a week.

  • Location: North Carolina State University Creative Services Building (Early College High School) — 1220 Varsity Drive
  • Early Voting Dates: Thursday, Oct. 27th – Saturday, Nov. 5th
  • Early Voting Times: 9 AM – 7 PM weekdays; varies on weekends

Wake County’s website has all the details about early voting locations and times for the 2016 presidential election.


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