9 Small Triumphs All Commuters Celebrate (But Won’t Admit)

Living off campus and commuting to class comes with its fair share of … experiences. Explore any #commuterproblems tag on Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram. But on the flip side, there are wins that only commuter students understand. Like these.

1. Finding a Parking Spot on the First Level

empty parking deck

Ahhhhhhhhh. Getting a coveted first-level parking spot means you don’t need to zig-zag through Dan Allen or Reynolds Deck, you won’t be running late to class, and you won’t have to hike up and down stairs searching for your car later.

2. Finding a Place to Park in General

bike parking at NC State

It doesn’t matter if you drive or bike to class. Finding a spot to park on campus, especially during peak hours, is a small victory that should always be celebrated.

3. Hitting Green Lights All the Way to NC State

Hillsborough Street

Driving to campus without hitting a single red light is an oddly satisfying feeling. People who live on campus just don’t understand.

4. Snagging One of These Tables in DH Hill

study spaces in DH Hill Library

Where else in the library can you take up a whole table and not feel judged? The only thing better than getting one of these study spaces is getting a computer in the Learning Commons. During lunchtime.

5. Your Professor Cancels Class Before You Leave Home

mural on Cup-A-Joe building

Alright! Time to hit up Cup-A-Joe and get some homework done early… or just hit snooze and go back to sleep.

6. Coming Home After a Long Day

armchair in an apartment

That first half-hour after you get home is the best. Put your feet up, pull up Netflix, and just relax. You’ve earned it.

7. Leaving the Library Before the Sun Sets

DH Hill Library at NC State

For all the students who prefer to stay on campus all day, study at DH Hill, and then commute back home: This is one of the greatest feelings in the world.

8. Not Tripping on Bricks While Walking to Class

a brick walkway at ncsu

Or slipping on wet leaves. Or stepping in a puddle. Or anything that involves embarrassment, personal injury, or soggy shoes.

9. Finally Knowing Where Everything Is

map of NC State's campus

You no longer need a map to find your classes, you can tell the difference between Tompkins and Thompson Hall (or even Withers, Witherspoon, Winston, and Winslow), and you can show other students the way to get to class.

Don’t Forget to Use This Helpful Resource

Obviously, commuting to NC State comes with its fair share of challenges. But commuters aren’t the minority; almost 70% of undergrad students live off campus. There are tons of resources out there to help you own your semester and keep from going at it alone. This downloadable commuter student guide might be just what you need.


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