Pokemon Go screen displaying pokestop

5 NC State PokéStops That No Longer Exist

Everyone is talking about Pokémon Go.

If you don’t have it on your phone yet, here’s a quick overview: You catch Pokémon, you get awesome items at PokéStops (points of interest people thought were cool), and you battle other players at Gyms (major attractions like museums or the Free Expression Tunnel). It’s another excuse to get outside, wander around campus, and meet new friends.

(Also, it’s free. Now go download it on iTunes or Google Play.)

It’s the Greatest App You Could Ever Have on Your Phone

If you’re new to NC State, we highly recommend that you play Pokémon Go. It’s a fun and easy way to memorize where all of your classes are, and you can learn about the university’s history from PokéStops. Everything, from campus icons to plaques you never noticed before, is fair game.

You Can Learn About Things That Don’t Exist Anymore

Because this is such a far-reaching game and because NC State is always changing, there are bound to be PokéStops on the map that are completely gone. Did you notice that these PokéStop attractions no longer exist? Now you do.

obelisk next to Talley Student Center

1. The Obelisk Near Talley Student Center

Before the old Talley Student Center (and the fountain and the bookstore) was demolished in 2011, there were a few outdoor sculptures around what’s now the lawn (Stafford Commons) and the front of the new Talley Student Union. And those sculptures include Percy Peaks and this black obelisk.

It sat on a median between Cates Avenue and a car dropoff, just underneath the old Gregg Museum of Art & Design and across the street from Carmichael Gym.

a wolf sculpture made out of soda cans

2. Howling Wolf on the Court of Carolinas

Nope, it’s not one of the wolf statues in Wolf Plaza. It was likely a bottle-cap sculpture created by NC State students during “Zero Waste” month in 2013 to promote recycling and sustainability.

Pokemon Go screen displaying pokestop

3. Colorful Bird Near Bragaw Residence Hall

This bamboo phoenix sculpture, called “Phoenix Rising,” was a recent addition to campus. It was made in 2013 by College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) students and was installed at the Gregg Museum of Art & Design soon after.

Since the Gregg is moving to the old NC State Chancellor’s Residence on Hillsborough Street, the sculpture was temporarily hung under the oak trees behind Bragaw Hall’s parking lot in April 2015. It has since been removed.

screenshot of pokestop in Pokemon Go

4. Study Lounge in Harrelson Hall

Most NC State students and alumni know that Harrelson Hall — that round non-brick building on the Brickyard — has been torn down already. Before it was deconstructed this summer, Harrelson Hall used to have a large, open study lounge at the top of the inner ramp.

Sylvia's Pizza Pokestop screenshot

5. Sylvia’s Pizza on Hillsborough Street

What’s now becoming new student apartments at 2304 Hillsborough Street, next to Sugar Magnolia and Insomnia Cookies, used to be a Hot Box Pizza, and before that it was Sylvia’s Pizza.

Sylvia’s was a local favorite for late-night pizza cravings near campus. But it closed in December 2010 during Hillsborough Street’s revitalization.

pokestop screenshot of mcdaids tavern

BONUS: Art in McDaid’s on Hillsborough Street

McDaid’s Irish Restaurant & Pub was one of the finer dining options on Hillsborough Street, between Mitch’s Tavern and the old Varsity Theater (now H Street Kitchen). Unfortunately, after just two years, it closed on January 1st, 2016.

This artwork was one of several paintings inside McDaid’s. It was on the ceiling between the bar and the main dining room.

What Other Secrets Have You Discovered?

Did we miss any other old PokéStops near NC State? Let us know in the comments! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for all the details on NC State student life and commuting tips.


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