What It’s Like to Visit Liquid State for the First Time

With all the new developments happening near NC State, cool restaurants and cafes like Liquid State are popping up on Hillsborough Street just waiting to be explored.

A lot goes through your mind when you visit a new place for the first time, so here’s what it’s like to experience Liquid State.

It’s a Little Off the Beaten Path

Liquid State is located beyond the large Hillsborough Street roundabout at the Belltower. If you’ve been around NC State’s campus for long enough, you’ll know it’s where the Locopops used to be.

It’s not as close to campus as Cup-A-Joe, Bruegger’s Bagels, or Global Village, but you may find it’s less busy at peak hours.

You could park on campus and walk to Liquid State, but you could also use the free parking lot off the second roundabout that leads to Cameron Village.

the outside of Liquid State on Hillsborough StreetIt Serves More Than Coffee

Coffee, wine, beer. That’s what the sign says. And on the chalkboards inside (which say C8H10N4O2, C2H6O, and Alt. Solutions), there’s a full list of featured wines and taps.

But Liquid State also has tea, Italian sodas, and even a cheese plate. Speaking from experience, the milk-based smoothies are great.

It Has a Great Vibe for Studying

The aesthetic of the historic coffee shop automatically makes Liquid State an interesting and appealing place to study. The lights are dim, but the front of the shop lets in plenty of natural light through its huge storefront windows.

One wall — the one on the left after you enter the cafe — is just exposed brick. The ceiling is painted black and has a few pipes in plain sight for a warehouse-turned-hip-hangout feel. This picture of the old Hillsborough Street trolley, traveling right beside the original buildings which now house Liquid State and David’s Dumpling & Noodle Bar, hangs on the wall over the utensils.

If you are coming here to study, though, you’ll want to pick a table that’s against the wall towards the back. There aren’t any plugs in the wall under the bars.

See What Else is Worth Exploring

Whether you need a study spot other than the Bookstacks in DH Hill or want to find a new place to eat, there are a plethora of options near NC State. Check out the latest NC State campus guide for a list of all the restaurants on Hillsborough Street, Western Boulevard, Cameron Village, and Mission Valley.

Have a recommendation of your own? We’d love to hear about your favorite places! Leave a comment on this post or on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.


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