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5 Free Apps You Need to Download Right Now

It’s a camera. It’s a calculator. It’s a flashlight, calendar, GPS, address book, and handheld computer all in one. Your smartphone is basically the coolest piece of technology you own, and it’s no wonder we’re always on our phones (as our parents, teachers, grandparents, and random strangers keep complaining).

There are plenty of apps out there that let you save time, save money, save energy, and keep up with everything that’s happening, whether it’s in Downtown Raleigh or at NC State. So if you haven’t run out of space on your phone yet, here are the five mobile apps you should be using.

blue background and logo for Offline app5.  Raleigh Offline

If you’re up for exploring the entire Raleigh area (including its suburbs, like Cary and Apex), you need to download Offline. It flows like your Instagram newsfeed with images and suggested experiences, and you can plan how you want to spend your weekend with The Weekender or the entire month of Must-Dos.

So pick a day, scroll through events that are happening, and take a trip!

Download Offline now on iTunes. (Looks like it’s not on Google Play.)

loading screen on the Downtown Raleigh App4. Downtown Raleigh App

Want to stick close to NC State but need a change of scenery? The Downtown Raleigh Alliance has an app dedicated to Downtown Raleigh’s best restaurants, attractions, and events.

It even has helpful information on road closures, parking, R-Line bus locations, weekly specials, and business hours.

The layout is simple and very user-friendly.

Download the Downtown Raleigh App on iTunes and (yay!) Google Play.

3. RetailMeNot

Coupon-cutting meets 21st-century shopping. RetailMeNot has sales and specials you can claim at national department stores and restaurants, so if you’re craving a trip to Crabtree Valley Mall or Crossroads shopping center, you don’t have to break the bank.

RetailMeNot has offers available for several places near NC State, including:

  • FedEx
  • Insomnia Cookies
  • Papa John’s
  • Waffle House
  • Walgreens

Download RetailMeNot now on iTunes and Google Play.

green background and RGreenway app logo2. RGreenway

If you like hiking and biking, this app’s for you. RGreenway maps out all of the greenway trails in Raleigh and the surrounding areas, and it shows you what trails are closest to you and where they end up.

It will even tell you where restrooms and water fountains are located along your route. It’s cool stuff.

Download RGreenway now on iTunes and Google Play.

1. TransLoc Rider

Who has time to memorize the bus routes on the paper brochures anymore? You can get updates from the WolfLine and catch the bus at a nearby stop with the TransLoc Rider app.

Download TransLoc Rider now on iTunes and Google Play.

Plan Your Summer in Raleigh!

If you’re sticking around NC State this summer, there’s so much going on in the area that you need to check out. Take a look at these upcoming events near NC State for even more fun, and follow us on Twitter @ncsu_commuters for last-minute updates.


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