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Want to Live on Hillsborough? The Latest News on New Apartments 

The good news is that more apartments are coming to Hillsborough Street! Now you don’t have to live forever away from campus and risk being late to every single 8 AM English class.

The bad news is that some of  these apartments may not be finished before you graduate. But let’s take a look at everything we have so far.

Stanhope apartments and 24-hour CVSWhat’s New on Hillsborough Street

Stanhope is one of the most popular housing options on Hillsborough Street just because of its first floor retail options: 24-hour CVS and now the IHOP.

And it’s across the street from several restaurants: East Village Grill & Bar, Cup-A-Joe, and the new Hangover Grill.

The ultra-modern student apartments that are known only by their address — 2811 Hillsborough, 2604 Hillsborough over the Saxby’s, and 1301 Hillsborough by the old IHOP — are the latest additions. They offer more upscale features like granite countertops and stainless steel appliances.

What’s in the Works

Just recently it was announced that even more student apartments are coming to Hillsborough Street.

The 1960s-era Velvet Cloak Inn may be demolished to make way for mostly 3- and 4-bedroom apartments. According to Triangle Business Journal, a management company submitted plans for the property but there was no word on when construction would start.

In the same area, the old A-frame IHOP will likely be the site of new apartments, 109 Park Avenue. They’ll be developed by the same company that developed 1301 Hillsborough and 2604 Hillsborough, and will offer mostly 1-bedroom units. (Raleigh Public Record has been keeping up with all the details.)


2811 Hillsborough Street apartmentsWhy are There New Apartments All of a Sudden?

Hillsborough Street didn’t used to have much, if any, housing by NC State, but recent improvements to the area (like the roundabouts) brought more opportunity for development (like student apartments).

It’s becoming even more trendy to visit, so naturally it’s becoming a top place to live. But even if these apartments don’t get built for years, there are still options close to campus.

Check out this map and list of apartments near NC State to find the off-campus apartment in your ideal location and price range.


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