NC State main campus library from the Brickyard

Why DH Hill Should Be Your Favorite Resource


The college library — where universities combine the best of Starbucks, Redbox, computer lab, and Apple store into one building.

Too bad the building so often looks mundane, more like an intimidating stone monument to learning rather than a welcoming environment that’s so great for everything. (Unless your campus library looks like NC State’s own James B. Hunt, Jr. Library.)

What You Can Find at NC State’s Main Library

While NC State has several college libraries on Main Campus and the famed Hunt Library over on Centennial Campus, it’s DH Hill that’s the main library, and it offers so many resources and services besides the book you need for your required print source on an essay.

Here are seven reasons why the library should be your favorite and go-to resource.

study area with tables and chairs1. It Has Your Perfect Study Area

Need someplace quiet to study alone? Need a collaborative space with some friends and a motivational playlist? No problem!

DH Hill Library offers the perfect blend of silent spaces and group study rooms, and you can choose to reserve a room online or find an empty corner or comfortable chair.

2. It Lets You Borrow More Than Books

NC State keeps up with the latest technology and lets its students test things out, and DH Hill has a Makerspace where you can use the 3D printers, borrow electronics kits, and attend workshops.

Forgot your calculator or laptop at home? Don’t worry, you can borrow one. The library has a circulation desk where you can borrow laptops, graphing and scientific calculators, digital cameras, and so much more.

3. It Offers Free Entertainment

You can watch movies for free at the library — if you return the DVD on time. DH Hill lets you check out movies and even video games for you to use, and the best part is that it’s free. Depending on the borrowing policy, you can take a movie back to your dorm room or watch in a study room at the library.

So even if you don’t have a gaming console or a Netflix account, you can still play some of the latest games and have an impromptu movie night. (And don’t forget to visit The Creamery for your late-night ice cream fix.)

4. It Has Printing and Scanning Services

Printers and ink are expensive, and something always seems to go wrong right as you’re printing your final paper. Skip the hassle and use the library printers instead, which is a great way to save money as a commuter student. Inexpensive scanning and copying services are also available at DH Hill.

5. It Has Your “Required” Textbook

Forget about buying a brand new textbook from the bookstore. Physical or electronic copies of your class textbooks — even the latest editions — are available for free at DH Hill, and borrowing a textbook during the semester will save you hundreds of dollars. Now you can repurpose that money for late-night pizza delivery.

6. It Has Instant Messaging

Now you don’t have to be at the library to ask for assistance. DH Hill’s Ask Us program lets you chat, text, email, or call someone in the library anytime and anywhere. Old-fashioned face-to-face interaction with library staff is still available, too.

college student studying on laptop7. It’s Perfect for Late-Night Studying

If you need to stay up way past your bedtime to finish a paper or study for finals, DH Hill Library is the best place to do so. Hill of Beans coffee shop sells food and your favorite caffeine fix, the computers offer backup if your laptop crashes, the books are go-to print sources, and the chairs are ideal for your 15-minute power nap. Plus, you don’t have to worry about waking your sleeping roommate.

Don’t Ignore the Best Resource on Campus!

DH Hill Library exists so you can learn and thrive while attending NC State University, giving you access to all the tools and resources you need — like InterLibrary Loan services — to help you do well.

So don’t brush it off as just some outdated brick eyesore on campus. Take full advantage of everything it offers!

Want to learn more about NC State’s best resources, especially as an off-campus student? Check out the latest guide to commuting to NC State.


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