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NC State Restaurant News, January 2015

It’s been only a week since the spring semester started but already there has been a lot going on with the restaurants near campus. Here’s which restaurants have closed, opened, and are coming soon.

"sorry, we're closed" on a large doorClosed

McDaid’s Irish Pub closed for business on New Year’s Day this year.

Chipotle will be closed temporarily on February 8th as part of a company-wide food safety meeting following outbreaks of E. coli, Salmonella, and norovirus.


Hangover Grill just opened on Monday, January 11th. It’s on Hillsborough Street between Marco’s Pizza and 29Ten Resto & Bar.

backhoe digging dirt at a construction siteUnder Construction & Coming Soon

H-Street Kitchen is under construction in the old theater (that still says “Hillsborough Street Textbooks” on the sign), and it’s expected to open this spring.

IHOP (yes, another one) is coming to Hillsborough Street, according to Raleigh Public Record, though this one will be located on the ground floor of Stanhope. (RPR also says that this new one is set to replace the iconic A-framed one. You can read more about it on this article by the Technician, which says the relocation will take place sometime this month.)

A Place at the Table will open sometime this year in the former location of The Keg and Two Guys Pizza on Hillsborough Street.

Sushi Nine is rebuilding after last Friday’s fire, and it looks like it will not be closed for good, according to this Instagram post.

2304 Hillsborough Street (the former location of Hot Box Pizza) is going to be new residential and retail space, designed by New City Design Group. You may recognize their work on many new developments on Hillsborough Street — 2604 Hillsborough over Saxby’s, 2811 Hillsborough in front of University Towers, H-Street Kitchen renovations, and 1301 Hillsborough beside the old IHOP.

Don’t Miss the Latest Developments

Keep up with The Student Saver blog or with NC State Commuters on Twitter to get the latest information about new restaurants and other campus happenings. (Looks like I’ll have to update the best places to eat page now that all of these new restaurants are coming…)

The new NC State Student Commuter Guide for the 2016 academic year is coming soon, and these restaurants will be in it along with information about textbook rentals, transportation options, and printing. See the latest guide before the year ends!


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