"sorry! we're closed" on a black background

Sushi Nine is Closed

UPDATE: Like the mythical phoenix, Sushi Nine has risen from the ashes.

Sushi lovers, your favorite spot for BOGO sushi is back and better than ever. Sushi Nine is open in its old spot on Western Boulevard in a sleek new building. Go check it out!

If you haven’t heard what happened to Sushi Nine on Western, the restaurant caught fire this week.

Apparently the fire was reported around 4:30 AM on Friday and under control around 6 AM, and though thankfully there weren’t any injuries, the fire likely damaged half of the building. Earlier this morning, Sushi Nine’s Facebook said that the restaurant was closed until further notice.

Sushi Nine is a favorite at NC State, and hopefully it won’t be closed permanently. Unfortunately, it’s the second restaurant near NC State to close in the new year; McDaid’s Irish Pub on Hillsborough closed on January 1st.

Stay Updated on Twitter

Keep watching Sushi Nine’s Facebook for updates or follow us on Twitter at NCSU Commuters. We’ll keep you posted with all the details!


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