What’s at Stake at the State-Carolina Game Today

NC State fans at a football game in Carter Finley stadiumThis week is probably the most exciting at NC State. There was Thanksgiving break — with several glorious days of vacation from campus and classes — the actual Thanksgiving meal, all of the free leftovers, Black Friday shopping, and now the highly anticipated State-Carolina rivalry game to end the football season.

To recap, NC State’s 2015 record is 7-4 while UNC’s record is 10-1.

Today’s game will be yet another to add to the decades-kept chalkboard regardless if we win or lose, but NC State currently holds the winning streak, having won last year’s away football game against UNC. Can we do it again this year and beat them at home for the first time since 2011?

The Last 15 Years of NC State-UNC Football

  • 2015: (Home)
  • 2014: (Away) NC State wins 35-7
  • 2013: (Home) UNC wins 27-19
  • 2012: (Away) UNC wins 43-35
  • 2011: (Home)  NCSU wins 13-0
  • 2010: (Away) NCSU wins 29-25
  • 2009: (Home) NCSU wins 28–27
  • 2008: (Away) NCSU wins 41–10
  • 2007: (Home) NCSU wins 31-27
  • 2006: (Away) UNC wins 23-9
  • 2005: (Home) UNC wins 31-24
  • 2004: (Away) UNC wins 30-24
  • 2003: (Home) NCSU wins 47-34 
  • 2002: (Away) NCSU wins 34-17
  • 2001: (Home) UNC wins 17-9

The 21st century has been good to the Wolfpack, with a 5-straight winning streak from 2007 until 2011. Today’s game decides whether we can bring back a winning streak and whether we can reclaim victory in Carter-Finley Stadium for the first time since 2011.

WRAL Sports Fan has a full, in-depth comparison of the NC State-UNC rivalry, complete with stats about bowl game appearances, records by decade, and more.

Tune into the Rivalry Game and Cheer on Your Wolfpack

Our pride in our team is never questioned, whether we win or lose. And this game’s atmosphere will only add to the evidence that State is clearly Carolina’s rival, despite the latter’s protests.

So what’s at stake? A long-anticipated victory at home. A chance to start a Wolfpack winning streak. And the perfect story of the underdog victory over a nearly undefeated college football team — remember, UNC has only lost to South Carolina this year, and NC State is 3-4 in the ACC.

So wear your lucky red socks, turn your hat just right, and cheer as loud as you can to “Red & White” in Carter-Finley Stadium today. Support your team, Wolfpack, and let’s go for a win!


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