Harrelson Hall at NC State as viewed from the 9th floor of DH Hill

NC State is Actually Getting Rid of Harrelson

Harrelson Hall at NC State as viewed from the 9th floor of DH Hill“Harrelson is sinking,” “it’s getting demolished,” and “there’s only one girl’s bathroom in the entire building” were three persistent rumors circling around campus.

But it looks like Harrelson Hall is finally getting deconstructed.

So before the beloved, hated, odd campus building vanishes before your eyes, you ought to truly experience Harrelson while you still can.

Unofficial Student Traditions in Harrelson

If you’re a new student, make sure you check out this campus landmark before it fades into distant memory like Old Talley and Riddick Stadium.

inside ramp at NC State's Harrelson Hall1. Slide Down the Ramp in a Wheelie Chair

While its four-story ramp might cause you to miss your floor and get dizzy in the process, rolling down the ramp in Harrelson is an unofficial student tradition.

Just make sure not to hit anyone on your way down.

2. Visit the “Penthouse” Lounge

Imagine a college study space circa 1980 — that’s the general decor for the upstairs lounge.

If you go all the way up the ramp and through an out-of-place set of double doors, you’ll find equally mismatching couches, chairs, and a worn canvas replica of the iconic belltower. The wifi is okay, but it’s usually pretty quiet.

sinks and round interior in Harrelson Hall bathroom 3. Check Out the Bathrooms

I’m not kidding on this one. Since the building is round, it makes for an intriguing design with wedge-like bathroom stalls, an echo chamber, and semicircle of mirrors.

I’m pretty sure JK Rowling pulled her inspiration for the haunted girls’ bathroom at Hogwarts from the restrooms in Harrelson Hall.

What’s Your Favorite Harrelson Hall Memory?

How did you enjoy this campus landmark? And are you “yay” or “nay” about Harrelson’s demise? Let me know in the comments!


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