percy peaks at the old talley student center

Throwback Thursday: Talley Student Center

Talley Student Union is finally finished. After a couple of years under construction (and really, it seemed like there wasn’t anything happening for a while), we can finally walk around the entire complex and see what new chairs and study spaces there are.

In honor of Throwback Thursday, let’s dive back into Talley’s past.

A Timeline of Talley-Related Events

talley student union phase 2 staircase and study roomTalley Student Center was given a face lift and a new name — Talley Student Union — in 2011. It first opened in 1972 and was considered marvelous for that time, as it replaced the Erdahl-Cloyd Student Union (which you may recognize as the west wing of DH Hill Library).

Here’s a timeline of construction and additions to Talley Student Center. Did you know its theater, student art museum, and the student center itself have moved all around campus since Talley opened?

If you have a cool fact or memory about Talley, share it in the comments. I’d love to hear about it!

Stay Tuned for More #TBT

With all of the construction projects and renovations going on at State, the campus landscape is changing rapidly. Keep up with my blog for more blasts from the past!


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