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Don’t Graduate Without Taking These Courses!

If you’re like Dave Brown and complain that 12 years of public school taught you absolutely nothing about the real world, here are a few courses you might actually want to take.

Who doesn’t get tired of taking classes they’re not remotely interested in or planning to major in? Chemistry, art history, calculus — why learn about these subjects instead of real-world situations like paying taxes?

“Real World” Classes You Should Be Taking

If you’re panicking about the real world, consider taking these 6 applicable courses during college.

calculator with tax return

1. Personal Finance

Learn the basics of managing your own budget, buying different types of insurance (did you know you can also insure body parts?), investing in stocks and bonds, and doing your own taxes. Finally!

microphones on stage

2. Public Speaking

Just imagine everyone’s naked. If you are terrified of speaking to a crowd, take this class. Apparently employers stress good communication skills, so public speaking is a must for anyone who wants a job out of college.

interns in a meeting

3. Professional Internships

At NC State, several degree programs offer the option of taking an internship class. English majors, for instance, meet once a week to learn how to polish resumes, succeed in networking, and build a portfolio, along with what it’s like to work in the communications or professional writing fields.

Taking an internship class or career-related course will give you practical lessons for getting a job after college. And who doesn’t want to beef up their resume?

supreme court building

4. Law and Justice

Political science courses cover topics ranging from the US government to nonprofit organizations, international relations to public policy. A law and justice course outlines the laws set in place and how they deal with addressing social problems. And it teaches you what the laws actually are.


5. Current Social Problems

This sociology class helps define contemporary issues in America like gun control, gender equality, and drug legalization. While seeing some of these issues play out on the news can be helpful, taking this class gives you a broad overview of problems that you may not think exist.

women in an office

6. Professional Writing

Not everyone likes writing, but it’s helpful to cover the basics of writing for the “real world.” This course can cover memo and letter writing, grammar and style tips, and the best ways to convey a message.

 Don’t Forget to Breathe!

While these classes will help you ease into the real world, keep in mind that experience is the best teacher. It often takes that first jarring experience of independence for you to figure everything out. But don’t worry, you will get the hang of it. Keep these courses on your mind and enjoy the rest of your semester.


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