What Extras are You Paying For?

If you’ve ever looked at college admissions, you’ll see tuition and fees lumped together. Tuition only covers class instruction costs per term, per course, or per credit hour. Fees, however, cover service costs like student government and technologies.

Public universities in the US disclose information about their tuition prices, and individual schools will have a breakdown of the costs on their websites. If you’re interested in attending NC State and want to know what kinds of fees you’ll end up paying, keep reading.

Tuition Fees at NC State

Every student pays for athletics, PE (“health and exercise studies”), student health, and Talley Student Center at NC State. Here are a few of the fees as explained by the cashier’s office:

  • Education and technology fee goes toward equipping and operating computer and science labs.
  • Intercollegiate athletics fee provides partial support for NC State’s athletics program.
  • Student publications and media fee pays for the yearbook, the two newspapers (Technician and Nubian Message), the radio station, and the literary magazine (Windhover).
  • Transit operations fee pays for the Wolfline buses.The tower at Talley Student Center
  • Intercollegiate athletics indebtedness fee supports facility improvements, renovations, repairs, and maintenance within the Department of Athletics. (You can read the latest department overview report and finances here.)
  • Student center repairs and renovations fee maintains and upgrades Talley Student Center, Price Music Center, Witherspoon Student Center, and Thompson Theater.
  • Association of student governments fee is used for administrative staff, travel, and small stipends for student leaders.

Other specific fees apply to a smaller group of students, like engineers (College of Engineering computer fee), freshmen (common reading program fee), transfer students (transfer student orientation fee and new student orientation fee), and internship participants (internship liability insurance).

During the Fall 2014 semester, the fees for full-time undergraduate students total $1,129.21. The largest fee was the education and technology fee, $213.96; the smallest fee was the association of student governments, $0.50. And that’s on a per-semester basis. In just one year, your tuition and fees would total $8,296 – over a quarter of the costs would be fees.

Use What You Pay For!

Since your money funds a variety of school services, many of them don’t require any additional costs. Copies of the Technician, Nubian Message, and Windhover are available at no extra charge. So are NC State home football, basketball, and baseball games.

If you ultimately pay for these services, you might as well use them.


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